Hello you all friends of

Yes! We made it!
We are in France in the near of Bordeaux for a two weeks recording session.

Soon we will come out with

a new album!

We are setting up this blog to let you participate to our recording work and show you something about the beauty of this country.
Just check this page on a more or less regularly basis, we will keep on posting


  Nov 29th  

Hey folks! Sorry for the looooong waiting, work in our Towerstudio was very intensive in the last days.
But we have done it:
We have 14 amazing brand new tunes!

Today is the last day, we packed up the car and now have some time to relax before the long ride tomorrow back home.
It was an incredible experience. To have the possibility to write new songs and immediately play them, without any constraint.
That’s inestimable.
Now it’s time for a last dinner, than go to bed and tomorrow wakeup at 5 AM





  Nov 20th  

Today it was cloudy and cold. As we woke up we decided to have a day of relax, so we just drove around a little bit.


After that we went back to the studio and tried some new things
The French Chicks came to look after us:

And here two more studio impressions:


  Nov 19th  
Again wakeup with sunshine and warmth!
Lot of work today, recorded again four songs.
Here you can see me warming up on the dobro:

and a short video:

In the meanwhile Rolf was enjoying his success with french chicks:

We also got our backdrop eventually hung


  Nov 18th  
Wakeup with warmth and sunshine in the middle of November! That’s motivating!
Today is Sunday, and we started our recording work.
At the end of the day we worked about 7 hours long, having written 3 new songs and recorded 4. Not bad for the first day.

At the end of the day I landed directly in my bed.


  Nov 17th  
The first morning in France! Kissed by the sun and lovely warm temperature. And this in November! WOW!
Started carrying all the equipment from the car into the -that’s how we call it- the “Tower Studio”
As expected, carting the mixing console was the hardest job. Without roadies we managed anyway to place it onto the table, what costed us something about half an hour of intense work.But at the end we won!
After that Rolf started setting up his drumset, and in the meanwhile I started connecting the trillions of cables needed to mike everything
The result can be seen here. We find it a good place to work

it took about 5 more hours till all cables were set at the right place.
Tired but happy I started then mixing Rolf’s drumset.
One hour later, after several tunings we reached a perfect sound.
After more than 6 hours of intense work we could try our first take.
Just brilliant!
Here some impressions of everything (including french chicks 🙂 )



  Nov 16th  
Start at 6AM. Not really musician-friendly.
Still in Germany enjoyed a little sunrise, but as soon as we entered Belgium we met… The Fog.
Fog was our journey companion for nearly all the ride… not nice.
Once in Paris we met the typical “la periferique” jam.

In the car it was just like business class on a Lufthansa flight

But little place to move

Something like 150KM far from our destination the sun decided to show up

The nearer we come to the destination the better was the weather, bringing us into a very cool mood

After quite exactly 12 hours of drive we touched down!
The host greeted us with a delicious dinner

It was the end of a good day. After that we went to bed.
The next day was awaiting for us with hard work.


  Nov 15th  
We are packing up our gear, the most difficult was getting the mixing console (150 Kg) into the car.

we finished packing the car, full of gear till the very top, than we went sleeping. Start tomorrow is 6AM!



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